the band

Them Damn Hamiltons are:

Dan Hamilton - guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals, the original Hamilton
Matt Futoma - drums / vocals / cat-whisperer
Jeff Chen - cello / vocals / high-level wizard
Mik Walker - bass / vocals / lord
Parker Hu – guitar / banjo / vocals / raven

Drawing from veterans of the Connecticut music scene, Them Damn Hamiltons is a unique quintet writing and performing their own brand of eclectic folk music. Through soaring melodic lines, haunting hooks, and a dose of dark humor, they tell stories of devilry and damnation. The group’s diverse musical backgrounds culminate in a sound with a range of feeling - sometimes foot-stomping chanteys, sorrowful waltzes, head-bobbing grooves, and occasionally intense, brooding rock. Described by Lonesome Noise as “Connecticut’s masters of the new American Gothic,” Them Damn Hamiltons artfully weaves their influences together to create a style all their own.

In spite of their reclusive nature, Them Damn Hamiltons have made their presence known throughout Connecticut, performing annually at venues and events, including the Meriden Daffodil Festival, Swan Day Festival, and the Brass Ring Steampunk Cabaret. Their music has been featured on independent radio programs including WPKN, WESC and Cygnus Radio.

"Connecticut’s masters of the new American Gothic."- lonesome noise

"...Them Damn Hamiltons are not your typical American act. While all the moving pieces seem to be there ... the way they put it all together is phenomenal and a sound they can call their own."- LONESOME NOISE

"...old Irish folk, smooth, deep indie, and something else altogether, something haunting and lilting and melodical.-Alyn Day, novelist

"...An intoxicating blend of indie folk, country and with a bit of sea shanty thrown in for good measure. This is dark folk music."- ct indie